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Digital Conversion is our craft. Video Editing is our passion. High quality digitisation is our expertise. Great customer service is our pride. That is why we are the most trusted VHS to DVD conversion and editing service in Australia.





Convert your cassette tapes to the highest quality mp4 videos with our digitisation service.



Expand your business’s engagement with an interactive 360° 4K virtual tour.


Enhance your wedding videos or professionally edit your Instagram pictures with our specialists.

360° Virtual Tour


VHS & Camcorder Tapes to Digital Conversion

Looking to convert your VHS to DVD? At the Digital Service, all video tapes to digital conversions are rendered to the highest video and audio quality. Above all, once the conversion is complete, we optimise your videos to ensure a high performance playback on PC, Mac and even Smart TVs.

Additionally, it is also optimised for web streaming allowing you to share the videos online with your friends and family. 

VHS to DVD service VHS conversion


VHS to DVD service VHSC conversion


VHS to DVD service miniDV conversion


VHS to DVD service 8mm Hi8 conversion


VHS to DVD service audio cassette conversion

Audio Cassette

VHS to DVD service DVD miniDisc conversion


VHS to DVD service DVD miniDisc conversion


We’ve helped thousands of families and corporations digitise their content.

At the Digital Service, we work hard to make it easier for you. Our expertise and professionalism makes are the most trusted digitisation service in Sydney.

High Quality Conversion

Our top of the range equipment will convert your video tapes into the highest quality digital files.

Competitive Pricing

We offer the most affordable prices with services you can trust without ever compromising on quality.

Free Video Trimming

We trim your videos at the start and end of the tape, leaving no blue screens or any distortions.

Trusted Service

Unlike other conversion services, we operate from a secured office to keep your tapes safe at all times.

Fast Turnaround

Our turnaround time is on average between 7 to 14 working days and we also provide any urgent requests.

Video Editing Enhancement

We can remove colour distortions, adjust brightness and sound as well as sharpen the footage if needed.


Tape Repair & Restoration

Do you have a tape that’s torn, damaged or coated with mould? Before converting your VHS to DVD, our technicians will examine your items carefully to ensure that all damages are repaired and restored back to it’s original condition. This will improve the quality of the conversion in most cases.

All repairs are manually performed in-house to ensure the process is efficient and 100% risk free.


Torn and Tangled Tapes Repair


Mould and Dust Removal



Video Correction & Enhancement

Do you have a wedding video that is blurry and overexposed with sunlight? Or a baby video that was shot in a dark room? Our video editing experts can colour correct and enhance your videos to improve the lighting and colour inconsistencies so it looks even better than the original footage.

Color Correction


Video Stablization


Video Sharpening


Blue and Static Screen Removal


Audio Enhancement



Let us help you tell your story and create a unique, memorable video.

There are many special moments in your home footage that you want to hold on to forever. However, finding those moments through watching hours of raw footage can be difficult and even dull.

At the Digital Service, we are committed to creating a memorable video that you will love to share with your friends and family. Whether it is your wedding day, the birth of your child or a holiday trip, we are passionate in creating your story based on your requirements.

Let’s work together and make your memories last forever

In addition to our VHS to DVD conversion service, we create memorable videos that you would love to share with your family and friends. If for any reason you’re not satisfied with your final cut, simply contact us during your first 30 days and we’ll refund your money, no questions asked!


What We Do

Our experience in technology combined with over 10 years of expertise in not only VHS to DVD conversions, but also 8mm, MiniDV, MiniDisc and audio cassette digitisation have made us the most trusted digital service.

Furthermore, our video editing and enhancement service ensures that your videos are not only of high quality, but also unique and memorable so you will treasure those memories forever.


Wanting to get your VHS to DVD conversion done but don’t have the time to drop it off? At the Digital Service, we can schedule a pickup of your items from your home or workplace with our very own delivery team anywhere in the Sydney region.

As a result, this ensures that your tapes are transported safely at your convenience. Once our service is complete, we deliver it back to you.


Our technicians will assess the physical conditions of the video tapes prior to all tape conversions. Therefore, we analyse the tapes and check for damages such as broken or torn tapes as well as visible mould and dust particles. Our technicians will then repair the damages and restore back to its original quality.


After your VHS to DVD conversion is successfully performed, we trim your footage, removing any blue screens at the start and end of the video. Not only that, we perform a video optimisation on all videos to ensure that it runs smoothly on all your devices including PC, Mac and even Smart TVs.

our google testimonials

Alexis josome
Alexis josome
02:16 11 Nov 19
I had some urgent wedding videos that needed to be converted for the following day, and they were able to accommodate my request for an affordable cost. Video turnt out great and I was happy with the service.
Arthur Johnson
Arthur Johnson
05:34 06 Nov 19
Urgently needed my VHS tapes converted for a work project. Not only did they manage to meet my urgent request, they provided me with high quality videos that far exceeded my expectations. Fast turnaround, competitive prices and friendly staff. Would highly recommend!
George Stevens
George Stevens
04:21 10 May 19
Had my 6 VHS tapes converted onto USB with the 30% off Mother's Day promotion. After researching, I found out that they were the most affordable and professional. The video quality turned out great with a fast turnaround. Would highly recommend!
Lukas Schaffrath
Lukas Schaffrath
07:28 28 Mar 19
Fast turnaround and great quality video conversions. We got our video editing done and we love it! Thanks again!
Anthony McDonald
Anthony McDonald
05:02 28 Mar 19
Great work by the team at The Digital Service. They were professional and far exceeded my expectations. It was great to see my MiniDV tapes converted quickly and with great quality. All the unwanted blue screens and TV shows in my footage were also trimmed off, which was a nice touch. I couldn't be happier with the service I received. Thanks again!
James Petersen
James Petersen
21:45 05 Feb 19
Had my parents wedding video converted as a gift for their 30th wedding anniversary. The tape was slightly damaged but they were able to completely restore the picture and sound quality back to its original state. Fantastic service, would definitely recommend.
Megan Healy
Megan Healy
20:17 04 Dec 18
thanks for recently converting our wedding video tapes (which were 30 years old), your team was very pleasant to deal with and with a high level of service and professionalism thank you from hubby and myself
Catherine Burgess
Catherine Burgess
08:14 02 Dec 18
We had a lot of tapes that we haven't watched for years and after some research we found the digital service to be the most reliable. They went above and beyond to answer any of the concerns that we had and we received our digital files faster than we were promised! Would highly recommend.
Peter Bose
Peter Bose
13:14 01 Dec 18
We recently had our tapes converted as a gift for our parents wedding anniversary. Thanks for the fast friendly and professional service from start to end. It was very easy to work with your team.
Raimonda Dainiute
Raimonda Dainiute
05:20 02 Nov 18
Amazing customer service and patience. Work was done perfectly, every single detail was explained and communicated.thanks!
Joshua Vermaak
Joshua Vermaak
08:39 09 Oct 18
By far the best video duplication service I found in Sydney. Friendly staff, attention to detail with great quality conversions. Got my 40+ tapes converted within 14 tapes and very impressed with the results.
crystal yu
crystal yu
00:36 22 Aug 18
"My partner and I wanted to get our 2 vhs t"o dvd done as a present for my parents 60's birthday, and we wanted to combine all the videos that highlights all the special moments. After sitting down with them and looking through the footage together and discussing what we wanted for the video, we were absolutely blown away with the result. The video and the soundtracks blended together wonderfully as well as all the nice transitional effects they've incorporated seamlessly. They've also corrected all the colors that was over saturated and increased the audio. They've reached my expectations and more and we couldn't be happier!"
Frankie Ryan
Frankie Ryan
02:11 15 Aug 18
I had a very 'special' anniversary tape that I recorded with my wife back in the 90's and The DIGITAL SERVICE were very discrete and respectful. Highly recommended, 10/10 A++ gold star service
Lesile Yang
Lesile Yang
14:21 02 Aug 18
I absolutely love the video editing that they've done for my graduation video! We had over 3 hours worth of raw footage from that day and many boring/unnessary parts that I don't care to remember. After briefly discussing with them with the general idea I wanted the video to be, they completely transformed it into a 10 minute video filled with so much highlights and really brought me back to that memorable day. I couldn't be happier with it! Highly recommend their service.
Ashley Basson
Ashley Basson
08:58 16 Jun 18
Quality service from start to finish. They kept me updated throughout the whole process which made my wife and I feel very comfortable, as we have very valuable memories in the tapes. Turnaround was quick and we got great customer service.
Adelaide Carelse
Adelaide Carelse
07:43 13 Jun 18
We had a couple of 8mm tapes that were quite damaged as the film inside is mangled and unable to play in our camcorder. The digital service was able to repair the films and retrieve the footage with great quality! Great work and would highly recommend.
Andrea Carelse
Andrea Carelse
14:29 11 Jun 18
What a great service! We really wanted to convert our wedding videos on VHS from 20 years ago and we were quite concerned about how it would turn out. We were given a turnaround of 7 to 14 days but received it within 3 days, delivered straight to my house. The quality of the footage is excellent and will definitely go back again with more tapes!
Magdalene Riet
Magdalene Riet
09:11 14 Apr 18
I would highly recommend David's team, after searching around for this type of service, I found them to be the cheapest by far and was very satisfied and surprised with how efficient they were. I got my 40 VHS tapes dropped off in less than a week. Thank you so much again! 🙂
Ryan Mitchinson
Ryan Mitchinson
10:43 13 Apr 18
David and his team have been amazing in dealing with all of our queries, we had a large amount of tapes that had a lot of mould in them and we were worried that the videos wouldn’t turn out well, but surprisingly they were able to get really great quality videos out of it! We went for the package that included in video editing and enhancement, and the pricing is very reasonable! Thanks again!

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