Preserving your memories.
We don’t just convert VHS to USB. We do so much more.


Passion Meets Excellence

The Digital Service has been restoring and enhancing videos for over 10 years in order to bring nostalgic memories back to life. As the most trusted digitisation service in the Sydney region, we convert VHS to USB and DVD formats as well as other video tapes using the highest-quality hardware and software.

We understand the importance of each and every memory, and we work hard to restore these irreplaceable moments to the best condition possible.



Always Looking to the Future

All tapes have an expiry date. As time passes, the quality of video tapes are deteriorating. We combine our expertise in video conversion and restoration with video editing to provide you with a high quality video that will never deteriorate, no matter how much time flies.



Unmatched Service, Every Time

Video Digitisation

We convert VHS to USB and other camcorder tapes such as 8mm, VHS-C, miniDV, Audio Cassettes and MiniDisc to digital formats.


Video Editing

We recreate your story by adding transitional effects, pictures, soundtracks and so much more.

Moment Selection

Capture only the highlights of your footage with our moment selection service, allowing you to create a visual journey.

Pickup and Delivery

We pickup and deliver your items straight to your doorstep. We do the hard work so that you don’t have to.

Repair and Restoration

Our video specialists can repair broken tapes and restore your old, mouldy tapes back to its original quality.

Technical Support

Questions regarding our service? We offer inquiry and technical support for all our customers.

We Believe Good Service Matters.

Our team at the Digital Service have dedicated themselves to the masterful attention to detail and the care towards our customers. We don’t just convert VHS to USB, we take the responsibility of looking after your previous memories very seriously.

Our above-and-beyond services ensures we deliver your products with quality every time. This is what makes us the best at what we do.



Videos Converted

Videos Edited


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