30% Promotion for Tape Conversions Convert your VHS, VHS-C, 8mm and MiniDV to high quality mp4. Further discounts applies over 5 tapes/discs. The price is not charged if the tape is blank/no footage.
Tape conversion under the video duration of 90 minutes:
For VHS, VHS-C, 8mm, MiniDV and audio cassette tapes
$ 27.95 $36.30
Tape conversion over the video duration of 90 minutes:
For VHS, VHS-C, 8mm, MiniDV and audio cassette tapes
$ 37.95 $49.30
DVD and MiniDisc Conversions:
Converts all your DVD or MiniDisc into a USB Drive
$ 19.95 $25.95
Overscan/static lines removal per tape:
Converted analogue videos will produce overscan lines around the edges of a screen when viewed digitally. Removing the overscan lines will produce a much more polished video.

$ 10.00 $15.00
Video Editing and Enhancement This includes video sharpening, increasing the contrast and brightness, readjusting colours as well as removing unwanted footage.
Image and color correction per tape:
Type of video enhancement is dependant on the original footage and results may vary.
$ 50.00 $100.00
Video Editing, highlight reel required:
Our video editor will transform your footage into a short highlight video
Popular Video Conversion and Enhancement Package This is our most popular package which includes video conversion to mp4, overscan line removal and video enhancements. Further discounts applies for more than 5 videos.
Video footage under 90 minutes: $ 70.00 $87.95
Video footage over 90 minutes: $ 80.00 $97.95
Tape Repair and Restoration
VHS, VHS-C, 8mm Mould Cleaning:
Manual removal of all dust and mould in order to restore the conditions of the footage.

$ 35.00 $35.00
VHS, VHS-C, 8mm and MiniDV Tape Repair:
Torn tapes, broken shell replacement
$ 45.00 $45.00
Video Storage to USB and/or DVD
16 GB USB Stick:
Less than 16 hours of footage
$ 20.00 $20.00
32 GB USB Stick:
Less than 32 hours of footage
$ 30.00 $30.00
64 GB USB Stick:
Less than 64 hours of footage
$ 50.00 $50.00
Our technicians will determine the correct size USB stick.
DVD Disc: $ 9.95 $9.95
Online Cloud Storage:
Your converted files are uploaded on a cloud that you can share and securely download anywhere in the world.
$ 20.00 $20.00
Handling and Services
Priority Queue:
Within 3 business days: $99
Within 5 days business days: $50
Standard 7 to 14 business days: $0
Pickup & Delivery Service:
Our own courier team will collect and deliver your items within the NSW Region.
Australian Post Office with Tracking
Standard: $0
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This quote should act as a general price guide and the final cost can change depending on any additional services required.

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