Funeral Video and Photo Presentation Tribute.

At the Digital Service Co, our goal is to create a memorable tribute to your deceased love ones, celebrating their life through beautifully captured memories. 


What We Do

Whether it is a funeral, memorial or a tribute service, The Digital Service Co provides an tailored video presentation that captures the sentimental values of the fondest memories. The video tribute will showcase the lasting record of a loved one passing which can be presented during the funeral and/or memorial service. 

With the stress and cost surrounding the funeral, we understand how it difficult it can be to plan the arrangements. That’s why we offer an affordable video slideshow so that you can focus on more important things and we strive to ensure to meet your requirements during this difficult time.

Up to 20 minutes of video

Based on your requirement, we will provide up to 20 minutes of video compiled of photographs, videos, captions and soundtracks.



Delivery of your project has never been easier. Choose your storage media based on your convenience and requirements. Additional copies can be made upon request.


Photo scanning

If you have prints of photographs that requires scanning to add onto the video slideshow, we can do that for you. Simply bring it in to our office in Chatswood or mail it to us.


Video conversion

If you require your video tapes (such as VHS, VHS-C, MiniDV, 8mm) to be converted first so it can be made into a video slideshow, we can convert it first.


Memorial Cards

In addition to creating a video tribute, we can also design and print memorial cards that can be used during the funeral service.


Our Process

We understand the sensitivity of the work involved and we aim to simplify our process without hindering on the sentimental quality of the professionally-compiled visual tribute. 

1. Give us your requirement

Provide us with any images or videos either through a Cloud or meet with one of our team to discuss the brief in person along with your images or videos. Music of your choice can be added onto a slideshow to capture a more heartfelt compilation of the memorable tribute.  


2. Draft in 48 hours

Our professional editors will compile a draft in 48 hours. Any additional feedback and changes are encouraged to ensure that the video slideshow is presented in the most respectable result within the tight deadlines.


3. Project Complete

Once you are satisfied with the video slideshow, we can put it onto a USB, DVD or a Cloud for you to retrieve. We can also design and print any memorial cards that can be used on the day.


What To Include

Funeral tribute and remembrance videos are beautiful ways to capture the memories and milestones to share to family and loved ones. Here are some of the things that can be included in the video that will make the tribute truly special.



A collection of 20 to 30 photographs can be a great way to form the basis of your video tribute. Organize them in a chronological order may help you determine if there are any gaps throughout their stages of life. Try and include photographs of family and friends as well.



If there are any memorable videos of the person, it may be a good idea to add a short snippet of it ranging from 3 to 10 minutes. This helps highlight the personality of the person and 



Any special memorabilia that includes artworks, trophies, personal achievements and records can help celebrate the life of the loved one and create a more heartfelt, personal tribute. 


Quotes, poems and prayers

Any poems, prayers, or quotes that are meaningful can help the family and loved ones remember and celebrate the life of the deceased. This can be added at the start or the end of the video tribute. 

Music and Soundtracks

Finally, try and include any music or soundtracks that the deceased loved, or any soundtracks that is meaningful that is reminiscent of the person. Keep in mind that the soundtracks will be used with the photographs, videos and collections of memorababilia, therefore the music should syncronize well with the above.