Real estate photography is important – the wide-angle lens, the long exposure, the quality of the equipment used, and how each room is lit with the help of shooting umbrellas and light stands. All these factors contribute to the quality of photographs that will ultimately show off your real estate properties on the market. There is, however, one significant asset that will give your photographs a leg up on the competition, and that is having a property shoot during dusk or twilight. Twilight photography has been on the rise for years now, giving properties that aesthetic brilliance that entices buyers to view the property with emotional appeal. This refined photography style makes your listings stand out and increases the value of your property by making it look more high-end and luxurious. 

Difference between Twilight vs Day time photography

Although twilight photo shoots offer perks like strong colors, incredible lighting, and glamorous appeal, daytime shoots can work wonders on sunny days, especially for properties with ocean views. But ultimately, twilight photoshoots offer that high-resolution, beautiful appearance without any hindering shadows and with a vivid contrast between sunset and warmth from the inside of the home. With such appeal when it comes to the exterior of the property, buyers will become curious about the inside of the home and delve deeper into the viewing process.

According to Elders Real Estate Seven Hills real estate agency, the differences between daytime photography and dusk or twilight photography are stark in data. When it came to the photos of the house that was photographed for their study, replaced with twilight shots after a week of being up on the market, the listing picked up by around 50% at a time when views and call-ins would usually deteriorate. This means that twilight photography will likely result in more interest from potential buyers and renters. Using smart techniques when it comes to your real estate photographs will keep you one step ahead of the competition in a potentially saturated market. These techniques can range from adjusting colour tone and balance and adding in dramatic skies, but simply opting for a twilight shoot with a professional real estate photographer or company can work wonders.