Video Editing Service at Your Fingertips.

 At the Digital Service Co, our video editor’s passion and expertise combined with years of experience have made us the go to video editing service in the Sydney region. Creating a special, unique video has never been easier. Let us transform and enhance your raw footage into beautiful, lasting memories.

Holiday Video Editing

Whether you are an influencer, YouTuber, or just someone who would like to showcase your travelling experiences to your friends and family, our video editing team can help you create a video that is memorable, exciting and full of highlights of your travels.
Our video editing team look at each raw footage individually and we try and encapsulate the feeling of what it was like at that moment in time. We will then reproduce that emotion by adding on SFX that resembles the environment of where it was filmed as well as creating a narrative that tells an exciting journey from start to finish. Transitional effects are also used in order to tell a story from one scene to another in order to create drama, suspense, and full of wonder.

Check out one of the examples that we have compiled below.   

About Us

Capturing Life’s Moments

Do you have old footage that you would love to turn into a unique, personalised video?

At our video editing service, from home footage to big budget productions, our video editors will put together your video in the best possible way. Whether it is shot through your iPhone or with your old camcorder camera, we can help you achieve the end result that you want.

Unlike other video editing services, our video editors will speak directly with you throughout the process to help realise your ideas and make suggestions in order to create a moving and memorable video that you will love to share with your friends and family.

We offer our services throughout Australia. Deliver your digital assets electronically or physically to our offices for services at highly competitive prices.

Our Process

Video Editing Made Easy

Give Us Your Brief.

Once your video has been submitted, our video editor will discuss any ideas you may have regarding your footage. We can suggest ideas to help you create the story that you want to tell.

We Do The Work.

Our video editor will build a story around your ideas. We will achieve this by highlighting the important moments and adding the right soundtrack that compliments your footage. Additionally, we will incorporate transitional effects, colour corrections, image sharpening and video stabilisation to create a seamless video.

Collect Your Video.

Your video is now ready for collection! If for whatever reason you are unsatisfied with the final product, we provide up to 3 revisions for any changes you would like to implement. We can provide you with a physical copy via a USB drive or we can upload it onto a private secured server online for you to download.

Video Enhancement Service

Correct, Sharpen and Stablise.

Is the quality of your converted footage blurry? Does some of the scenes have distortions or over saturation of coluor?

In addition to our video conversion service, our experienced video specialists will repair, enhance and improve the quality of your footage using the latest hardware and software.

Unlike other tape to digital services, we edit and enhance a wide range of tapes including VHS, VHS-C, 8mm, MiniDV tapes and MiniDiscs, ensuring that your videos come out sharper and clearer than before.

Video Editing Service

Selecting Your Best Moments.

Selecting the perfect moments in hours of raw footage can be difficult. What’s more, finding the right transitions to create a moving story can also be a challenge. At the Digital Service Co, we can help you select the best parts of your home footage and create a memorable video full of highlights.

Video Editing Service

We Can Edit Anything.

From small budget productions to your home footage, we got you covered. Our team of highly skilled editors have a wide range of expertise in editing corporate, wedding, home footage, holiday trip and go pro videos.  

Picture to Video Editing

Recapturing your Memories through Photographs.

Do you have a lot of photographs that you wish you can organize in a more creative way? Or perhaps you would like to turn these photographs into a beautiful masterpiece and share it with your friends and family? We can create a visual slideshow for any event. From baby photos to wedding pictures, we can turn it into a creative video story that brings your memories back to life. Simply bring us your photographs and the style you are going for and we will professionally edit and turn your pictures into a visual journey. *Prices start at $50.00 up to 50 photographs.

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